31 December 2012

I decided to.....

.....no New Year's resolution, no `to do lists`, no ifs and buts...
I cleaned up so far... Including my purses, which is a big deal, you ladies know what I mean.
There are so many wishes and thoughts speeding in my mind.... So many wants if I may say so....
And still... The little things that count... That narcotic effect... I want!
Just lay back and relax... There's a great year ahead.... hopefully!!

24 December 2012


A strange different Christmas.... I haven't actually wrote a letter to this white beard red suit man that brings gifts... I have so many in my head... Probably he knows or he doesn't... As simple as that. It felt like Christmas only yesterday... while making gingerbread cookies at my friends house. Simple pleasures, playing with the flour, kids laughing...
Different Christmas tree, different friends, different me...

My wish for you... A little more smiles and hugs, beautiful people, a little more chocolate and awareness!
Merry Christmas!

18 December 2012

When minds collide…

What happens when two minds collide?
The facts are a bit different when the actual mind crash is not planned ahead. Because if you plan ahead you have time to bring all the soldiers in the front line, to sand your weapons, to put effort in finding all about your opponent.
What do you do when the collision is meant to be and you feel helpless? It’s a basic principle in physics… the collision is either elastic or plastic… the plastic one is the worst… A part of the other one’s mind is in yours and the other way around… it is not like you lose something… it is a collisions without loss of mass… neuron mass…
Wise people say that we should surround ourselves with persons with similar brain architecture like ours. Basically we all want the same thing … we just have different way of expressing it. We need to open our eyes and keep our minds fully aware and awake. Since once in a lifetime we find that brain similar to ours… when we feel that all our brains areas are connected by an invisible pipeline. When you get terrible headaches if the other one thinks of you, when you just know things without being told, when you feel safe no matter what. When you feel like you could bear the weight of the Himalaya’s mountains on your shoulders, fueled only by that incredible energy of the two minds….
It is something so precious and special … that you’ll walk bare footed miles and miles only to have oxygen in the neurons… to sooth a bit the longing feeling tormenting your mind and body…
Some of us never find it … but when you DO find it? When it stimulates desire and reward by triggering an intense rush of pleasure, the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine? What now?
I just hope I won’t get Alzheimer in the near future… Since I want that narcotic feeling of minds collision on me!! 

8 November 2012

Sometimes the old ways are the best!

Imi pornesc scurta-mi pledoarie de la o stire interesanta pe care am citit-o aseara pe net. Si anume ... " the shaving scene in Skyfall has apparently caused a 405% increase of sales of cut-throat razors in the last five days".
Chiar asa... Bond este un fenomen... Aston Martin, ceasuri Omega si dinner suits. De ce nu ar fi si briciul un nou trend in barbieritul modern? Daca James Bond poate eu de ce sa nu pot... a gandit poate oricare din barbatii care au imbunatatit vanzarile magazinului cu pricina. Sau sa fi fost oare femei?
Chiar si asa... e frumos. Tehnic vorbind barbieritul cu brici este perfect... insa necesita multa practica si indemanare, bine ca multe alte aspecte pe lumea asta!!
Si totusi sometimes the old ways are the best... Reeditam in fiecare an moda de cu cate un an in urma, cu 10, chiar si 20. Spuneam eu deunazi... back to basics... sa ne bucuram de lucrurile simple, sa aruncam cat colo bucatica de tehnologie care ne insoteste zilnic si sa privim in ochi, sa simtim caldura pielii si respiratia. Sa ne bucuram de o cafea in soarele cu dintisori ai lui noiembrie, sa dormim pana tarziu duminica dimineata, sa apreciem relaxarea si muzica. 
Let your mind free and wander! 
Pana si James Bond reuseste sa isi omoare inamicul cu un " old fashion knife"... 
Old ways but stylish ways! 

11 October 2012

Men... in my opinion

Feel free to prove me wrong...

I love men since they never can fake orgasms, even if they wanted to.
Because they write poems and music in our honor.
Because they never understand women but they never give up ... and that makes it magic.
Because they can see the beauty in women even when women have ceased to seek and see beauty in themselves.
Because they come from little boys.
Because they can figure out incredible mathematics and physics equations but they are still  clueless in regard to women.
Because they are incredible lovers and they never rest.
Because they elevate sports to religion.
Because they are never afraid of the dark, mice and insects.
Because they never wear or dream or wearing high heels.
Because they are always ready for sex.
Because they are afraid to go bold.
Because they always know what they think and they always mean what they say.
Because they love machines and gadgets like women love jewelry.
Because they always finish the food in their plate.
Because they want to be either ascetic, warriors or lovers, artists or generals, but nothing in between .
Because with them there is no concept like too much adrenaline.
Because they are as they claim to be.
Because they are human also and sometimes they cry... but we are there to catch them.
Because they make excellent companions and  well trained drivers.
Because they really love their moms.
Because they never care about horoscope and other similar bullshit.
Because they never lie about their age, their weight or their clothing size.
Because they have an uncanny ability to look deeply into your eyes and touch your soul even if do not let them.

Let's face it... it is still a men's world... and i am very comfortable with that!

8 October 2012

Despre mancare, iubire si muzica...

Si nu neaparat in aceasta ordine...
Mi-am propus ca sa ma pierd in arome culinare diverse si as spune diametral opuse... un ospat pantagruelic cu sushi, falafel, niste indian food asa for flavor, guacamole si bagheta proaspata , somon afumat si evident un vin. Dar, stati pe aproape ca as vrea toate astea la o masa!! Este putin probabil, dar e bine sa fii crescut cu asteptari inalte... mai ales despre tine... face unerori bine la moral!
Muzica... ce as face eu fara muzica... tango electric si vals vienez, rock si indie, jazz si funk... era doar o vorba ... evident de tipul citat pe FATACARTE... when words fail music speaks... true to that!!
Dar daca vreodata va fi sa facem puscarie pentru muzica ascultata sau descarcata ... macar sa ne imparta pe genuri! Prize the Lord for that! O fi vreun lord englez, care evident a facut o mare descoperire stiintifica ce va sustine ideea mea nastrusnica!
Un fel de dicteu automat.... verde, aroma, albastru si departe, caldura si blunt... chitara si vant de toamna, mintea mea departe si in acelasi timp aproape...
Si o sa zici ... unde e iubirea de care ziceai in titlu... EVERYWHERE ... cum nu sunt copac cu coordonate fixe pe navigator... spun ferm ca e oriunde... in mine, in tine....dar WHERE?
Narcotic si aromat ...
Yours truly,

24 September 2012

Cupid has a shotgun

It started somewhere in the roman mythology or even earlier... a blond chubby baby boy carrying a bow and arrow, the son of love and war ( ironic right???). It had to be somebody to blame for all the love going around... it must have been a very innovating marketing team to create this fiction character. Does he eat, sleep ... make love? Do not think so...he gives love... no need to "make" it.... He is an image of what humans needed ages ago ; i can even imagine western Europe in the middle ages... when sex orgies where even worse than today ( there was no internet at that time...)... Cupid walking or flying ... do not know it yet... around throwing arrows ... just for ... LOOOOOVE ! 

Ironic or not, we all need and live stories. Cupid is just a part of these stories. We all need ... or better yet.. do not know about you ... I need desire, affection and love... in all forms.. to absolute lose of mind control. 
If by curiosity you'll Google "cupid"...you'll find about 66.200.000 results ........... info and songs and more... the world's wisdom in a glance!
The poison arrow is long overrated ... the modern Cupid, if there is one, has a shotgun that blows
your mind away.
Some of you do have protective armor and probably only your feet are blown away..... 
in the worst case scenario!
But some...like me ... fly naked ... 
Ready .... aim ... fire it up!

16 September 2012

How do we measure love?

You'll say... but why do we need to measure love?
Let's assume we need and want to measure it... it is a hypothetical situation... with real life implications.
There must be a measurement system similar to the international system of units.
For different stages there must be a special unit.... good conversation, touch of a hand, pictures and music, nights out, kisses, love making, pearls and diamonds, perfumes and chocolate, wild escapes... what else?
Although, it is a known physiological fact that the human body's response to love are pupil dilatation, sweaty palms and increased heart rate. These are the same responses that the body gives when  experiencing deep fear. An organic fear that is at some point difficult to explain... we are on our own wondering how much...
We need to ask the ones around us... how much do you love me? or the French " combien tu m'aime?"
- to the moon and back
- 90... on a scale of 1 to 10
- that much... widening the arms
- more every day
... and the lines may go on...
But what to you say when a beautiful little boy says to his mother ... I love you 2 meters.In his universe " to the moon and back" is 2 meters. Simply amazing! It's all about the way we calculate!
If you spend all your life on a crayon tip you'll always say is Everest! Definitely it is all about perception!

9 September 2012

Why complicate life?

Miss me ... call
Wanna meet up ... invite
Wanna be understood ... explain
Have questions ... ask
Do not like something ... tell me
Like something ... state it
Want "something" ... ask for it

For supplementary Q&A am awaiting your emails ... !

Meanwhile I will put some music on and have some wine...

4 September 2012

Our life is an expensive chocolate

We are food for the Gods.We grow ourselves in the wilderness in the most expensive and high tech climatic chamber ... we each have our rain forest, the heavenly mix of high rain and extreme temperature.  You'll think that everything is environmentalPartially true. We all bring along into this world a piece of our parents DNA, that makes us athletic or skinny, blue eyed or like me... browning green eyed...
We grow our selves into expensive shiny cocoa pods ... from what at the right time, through a highly complicated, neurons and time consuming processes we become butter, cocoa butter. Some of us remain at this rough unprocessed state... it is a choice.But still... most of us evolve ... along with millions.
As a fact, butter, especially cocoa butter is, funny, but physically and chemically proven, an unstable crystal structure!
We need a very precise cycle of heating and cooling to encourage the stable crystal formation needed  to have the desirable properties of the tastiest chocolate in the world.
Our DNA is heated and cooled permanently ... it is a love making process that gives us finally the shiny gloss, a snappy or brittle bite, smooth tender melt on the tongue, coating the palate with long lasting flavour and wonderful heat.
We are made in millions of flavours ... just need to find the one that suits the taste.The Plato's quote turned in my humble opinion into " the beauty of taste is in the other's cells ... is melted and probably DNA engineered". We all shine ... we all melt...

For obvious reasons this post DOES NOT contain images!

27 August 2012

Back to basics

Baby steps... always take baby steps... take your time and visualise a child learning to walk. At first he or she ( the gender is not important here, even if it is scientifically proven that girls learn to walk earlier than boys) will lean on the parent's hand. Little by little will discover the living room, the hall way and later on the garden. Each environment brings specific stimuli... the greatest challenge is to face the garden, the world... Every expectation we have on this world is the result of our experience, our parents, the social ground, the books we've read, the movies we've seen. And so you will easily understand why every little girl wants to be a princess and to fall in love and be rescued by a lovely knight in a shiny armour.As said in the beginning... baby steps... little by little you understand that the less you expect from others the greater reward you'll have. I have understood that there is no use to drown myself in endless thinking processes that drain my brain... my life is minute by minute and it goes ... everything changes, everything passes... baby steps...
Poured myself a glass of apple juice Jack... here's to a great Monday on this side of the world!

19 August 2012

I need so little to be happy...

or better yet... don't we all?
do not know about others, but lately a have discovered myself through your eyes. Goods friends' eyes that bring that smile on my face! From all the madness and stress I have found serenity. I metabolised somehow the negative energy and I've learned that I actually do need so little to be happy: an actual conversation, smell of a perfume, mussels marinated in white wine, the joy of a beautiful child saying simply laying on the grass " that's the good life!", a glass of wine, music... so dear to my ears, colours and long lost neurons, warm skin.
And like I use to say .... I know that fairy tales are more than true... not because they tell us that dragons exist but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten!
This life, piece of my  existence in the universe is a great fairy tale! And a wear my nice shiny armour every day!
19th of August: a day to remember... rediscovered my e-space... and it feels so good to write again!

31 December 2011

Inca 365 de zile

Fizic, astronomic, biologic sau chiar filozofic... oricum am da-o au mai trecut 365 zile. Un pic schiop, agitat  si nebun, fara concediu, cu zambete si ochi. Cu chipuri si suflete noi, cu descoperiri si uitari, cu pasiune si vin rose, cu caldura si cer senin, cu stres si incrancenare, cu relax si sos samourai, sushi si verde, calatorii si acasa. Impar, dar 34 pentru mine, cu miros de lavanda si de mosc, cu albastru cenusiu.
In loc de urare si dorinte vreau................... Un pic mai mult soare, un pic mai multe zambete si imbratisari, un pic mai multa intelegere si toleranta, un pic mai multa minte, un pic mai multa vanilie, un week-end in plus pe luna, sanatate mintala si viscerala,piele fina, un pic mai multa ciocolata, un pic mai multa iubire, nebunie si pasiune mistuitoare, un pic mai multa muzica si oameni frumosi, un pic mai multa licarire in ochi.... mie si voua. 
La multi ani!

28 November 2011

Collateral damage

Andre Gide a povestit undeva in scrierile sale, dupa cum spune Aurora Liiceanu, despre cei doi porumbei ce veneau la fereastra sa , pe pervaz, sa manance firimituri de paine. Dupa ceva vreme, brusc, pasarile au disparut si nu le-a mai pus firimituri . Dar intr-o zi acestea au aparut din nou. Vazandu-le s-a grabit sa le hraneasca, insa pasarile nici nu au dat atentie festinului gratis. Acestea nu au venit pentru firimituri ci pentru el. Si de aici si povestea "pasarile lui Gide" . Vii sa ma vezi pentru mine, pentru ca simti dorinta de a ma vedea.
Nevoia de celalalt, dorinta imposibila de a nu fi singur este incontrolabila. Dorim incluziune si topire, dorinta cu orice pret de prezenta celuilalt. Ne oglindim in ochii lui si cautam un evaluator pozitiv. Dar evaluarea pozitiva duce la obisnuinta si obisnuita la plictiseala. Si astfel cautam un alt "evaluator". Un evaluator pozitiv de fiecare data, binenteles. Cautam in fraze scurte si priviri atente.... fericirea. Fericirea prin muzica, mancare, experiente, indivizi. Prezente in vietile noastre. Prezente violete si fumurii, importante si efemere se topesc in noi. Unele MA topesc putin, ma metabolizeaza. Nu cred in psihologia sa ii zic " pozitiva" de tip american ... nu cred in cartile de autocunoastere si de automata pozitivizare. E bine din cand in cand sa te simti rau, sa iti pui intrebari, sa te lupti cu propriile tale contradictii si nonsensuri.
Evoluez in teoria multimilor si a lumilor mici , a lumilor incluse si asimilate, cu greselile si durerile asociate. Dar nu sunt o victima colaterala.... eu sunt eu si tu esti tu.... tangential lumile noastre se topesc.

Ii multumesc doamnei Aurora Liiceanu pentru lumile mici si hartile privirii.

11 November 2011

Adevarul.... hmmm?

Uitam, intr-un final uitam tot. La inceput uitam tot ce am invatat - datele razboaielor si teorema lui Pitagora, legea lui Ohm. In special uitam tot ceea ce nu am invatat, inclusiv numele profesorilor si colegilor de scoala generala. Uitam locul preferat de leneveala din liceu, numarul de telefon de acasa si versurile cantecului pe care l-am ascultat pe repeat de un milion de ori. Si incet incet uitam si umilintele, chiar si pe acelea de neuitat..... dispar ca un fum. Uitam cine era cool si cine nu.... cine avea ochii albastri, cine era atletic sau nu.... uitam cele mai tari petreceri, cine avea cei mai multi prieteni... uitam toate astea.
Ii uitam pe cei pe care spunem ca i-am iubit si chiar si pe cei pe care i-am iubit..... ei sunt ultimii care pleaca din neuronii nostri.

Vrei adevarul? pai cam asta e... e o prostie... stiu... dar uitam oare suficient?

P.S. : Credits 2 Cristina Ivan... multumesc pentru inspiratie!